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WH CoverWhen one adopts a shelter cat, unimaginably wonderful things can happen! We all know their companionship can fill a lonely heart; their unique personalities can entertain; their loving purrs can comfort and heal.

But did we know they can also [Read More…]

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Creative Writing: Government-approved

Yesterday the morning news reported that the Government has made suggestions for those furloughed during the recent Congressional stand-off: Folks should try to get part-time jobs until the stalemate is done. Suggestions included get a part-time job at Starbuck’s or — (I kid you not!) — doing [Read More…]

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Special Friends:  the Cat & the Pigeon

Jean-MinouI’d like you to meet Jean-Minou, a former stray who has made a special friend! His is a stray cat success story. He’s a very large, lovable Maine Coon cat who used to roam the neighborhoods until he found the [Read More…]

Special Friends:  the Cat & the Pigeon2017-02-10T13:49:06+00:00
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