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It was gone.  My Mom walked out her front door, headed for swimming, and there was no 1991 silver Honda Accord in her driveway.  

Two other Hondas were stolen that week.  “For their parts,” everyone said.

My Mom was heartbroken.  She loved that car.  Possibly even more than that, she loved the [Read More…]

THE DRIFTWOOD SEAL2021-08-19T20:07:08+00:00

Is Coco a Quantum Kitty?

I guess I had had too much of the news.  I was looking for something different and much calmer to watch at night.  Something to expand my mind but cause no stress.  I came across a show called “Cosmos,” hosted by a crazy astrophysicist who found a way [Read More…]

Is Coco a Quantum Kitty?2021-08-16T02:36:56+00:00


The Enterprise

“Spock can’t die!” we cried.

We’d seen it in the previews:  a wide shot of Spock lying on the ground; then a close-up of Dr. McCoy, looking up, saying, “He’s dead, Jim.”  Asking a 10-year-old to wait 7 days to find [Read More…]

A TV for STAR TREK2021-03-21T14:59:15+00:00

Featured in the News, Thanks to a Beaver





I’ve been planning to live to be 150.  That’s years, I’m talking about.  When biologists recently confirmed we are physiologically made to last at least 200 years, I upped my goal accordingly.


Yet, on the day I saw my first wild beaver in my [Read More…]

Featured in the News, Thanks to a Beaver2017-11-02T18:54:40+00:00

An Urban Beaver Plies Its Trade

First blog image

I SAW THE BEAVER !!!   My life is complete!  I’ve seen the Beaver, the elusive resident of a local urban creek.

Having had major surgery sometime back, I’m under strict instructions to walk regularly.  A year has passed since the [Read More…]

An Urban Beaver Plies Its Trade2017-11-03T00:30:18+00:00

Published in Western Horseman, Thanks to a Cat!

WH CoverWhen one adopts a shelter cat, unimaginably wonderful things can happen! We all know their companionship can fill a lonely heart; their unique personalities can entertain; their loving purrs can comfort and heal.

But did we know they can also [Read More…]

Published in Western Horseman, Thanks to a Cat!2017-02-09T22:28:08+00:00

Creative Writing: Government-approved

Yesterday the morning news reported that the Government has made suggestions for those furloughed during the recent Congressional stand-off: Folks should try to get part-time jobs until the stalemate is done. Suggestions included get a part-time job at Starbuck’s or — (I kid you not!) — doing [Read More…]

Creative Writing: Government-approved2017-02-09T22:31:43+00:00

Thanks to My 7th Grade Typing Teacher – A Campfire Tale

A writer-photographer mentor and friend has urged me not to post my photo-stories on my “Julie’s Blog” until after they are published. “But then what do I blog about?” I asked.  “Write about writing,” he said.

But I don’t WANT to write about writing!

Writing about writing seems to be engaging in [Read More…]

Thanks to My 7th Grade Typing Teacher – A Campfire Tale2021-03-13T22:46:56+00:00

The Royal Rescue


Someone grabbed my ankles.  Someone wearing thick, heavy leather gloves was holding my feet so I couldn’t move, so my talons couldn’t cut away the hands.  Someone was holding my wings so I couldn’t fly.

Well, this wasn’t going to fly!  [Read More…]

The Royal Rescue2017-12-01T03:38:45+00:00
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