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Featured in the News, Thanks to a Beaver





I’ve been planning to live to be 150.  That’s years, I’m talking about.  When biologists recently confirmed we are physiologically made to last at least 200 years, I upped my goal accordingly.


Yet, on the day I saw my first wild beaver in my neighborhood creek, I felt my life was complete!  The beaver-spotting passion has taken hold, closely matching how I feel about cats.


Not everyone has a chance to spot the beavers, even when they are out early enough.



For the benefit of other creek trail walkers, I posted my Read the rest


One Ant’s Partial View of the Total Eclipse

Pinhole Camera

I wasn’t going to bother with the total solar eclipse.  I didn’t have time.  I hadn’t planned 3 years ahead to reserve a flight and lodging at the Grant Tetons so I could join the masses sitting along the center path of totality on Gros Ventre Road.  I hadn’t purchased the special viewing glasses.  I didn’t have any white construction paper to build a pinhole camera.  And I had an appointment Monday morning that I couldn’t change.  I just didn’t have time.

I wanted to finish a real estate photography project before getting sidetracked with anything else.  My dad was Read the rest


An Urban Beaver Plies Its Trade

First blog image

I SAW THE BEAVER !!!   My life is complete!  I’ve seen the Beaver, the elusive resident of a local urban creek.

Having had major surgery sometime back, I’m under strict instructions to walk regularly.  A year has passed since the operation, but I still vigilantly walk 60 to 90 minutes each day.   I take my camera with me on every walk, prospecting for images along the trail bordering a local creek.   Adding a hood to the end of my 100-400mm telephoto lens gives my camera an overall length of 14 inches and a visual impact commented on by many who Read the rest


The Royal Rescue


Someone grabbed my ankles.  Someone wearing thick, heavy leather gloves was holding my feet so I couldn’t move, so my talons couldn’t cut away the hands.  Someone was holding my wings so I couldn’t fly.

Well, this wasn’t going to fly!  How did I ever get this close to a person?  What was that uncomfortable, throbbing pain in my left toe?  Why did I smell so bad?  And what were those strange sounds?

“No cell phones allowed in Wildlife!” someone was barking.  “We don’t want the wildlife to get accustomed to urban sounds.” 



But I’d heard those sounds before.  Read the rest