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Published in Western Horseman, Thanks to a Cat!

WH CoverWhen one adopts a shelter cat, unimaginably wonderful things can happen! We all know their companionship can fill a lonely heart; their unique personalities can entertain; their loving purrs can comfort and heal.

But did we know they can also get you published in Western Horseman? Well, Coco the Shelter Cat did. When my mom lost her beloved grey Persian of 14 years, the empty house became too much. She adopted 5-year-old Coco, a part-Siamese, from a local shelter. Not allowed to have a cat where I lived at the time, I became Coco’s most ardent fan, assuming “cat Read the rest


Creative Writing: Government-approved

Yesterday the morning news reported that the Government has made suggestions for those furloughed during the recent Congressional stand-off: Folks should try to get part-time jobs until the stalemate is done. Suggestions included get a part-time job at Starbuck’s or — (I kid you not!) — doing Creative Writing! Wow – what a feeling to be Government-approved! 🙂Read the rest


Special Friends:  the Cat & the Pigeon

Jean-MinouI’d like you to meet Jean-Minou, a former stray who has made a special friend! His is a stray cat success story. He’s a very large, lovable Maine Coon cat who used to roam the neighborhoods until he found the perfect home to move into, with his guardian Janet. Maine Coon cats are known for their intelligence and gentle personalities, and Jean-Minou is no exception. Jean-Minou first noticed Janet’s back yard because she raises pigeons and there was a big wooden pigeon coop in the garden. Once Jean-Minou got to know Janet, she invited him to come inside, where it Read the rest