Published in Western Horseman, Thanks to a Cat!

WH CoverWhen one adopts a shelter cat, unimaginably wonderful things can happen! We all know their companionship can fill a lonely heart; their unique personalities can entertain; their loving purrs can comfort and heal.

But did we know they can also get you published in Western Horseman? Well, Coco the Shelter Cat did. When my mom lost her beloved grey Persian of 14 years, the empty house became too much. She adopted 5-year-old Coco, a part-Siamese, from a local shelter. Not allowed to have a cat where I lived at the time, I became Coco’s most ardent fan, assuming “cat Read the rest


Creative Writing: Government-approved

Yesterday the morning news reported that the Government has made suggestions for those furloughed during the recent Congressional stand-off: Folks should try to get part-time jobs until the stalemate is done. Suggestions included get a part-time job at Starbuck’s or — (I kid you not!) — doing Creative Writing! Wow – what a feeling to be Government-approved! 🙂Read the rest


Thanks to My 7th Grade Typing Teacher!

A writer-photographer mentor and friend has urged me not to post my photo-stories on my “Julie’s Blog” until after they are published. “But then what do I blog about?” I asked. “Write about writing,” he said.

But I don’t WANT to write about writing!

Writing about writing seems to be engaging in the exercise of some type of self-analysis (writing-wise) or self-conscious reflection that I’ve been trying to get away from. The Pendulum swings: When I was growing up in Berkeley in the 1960’s, folks were pushing the Pendulum across the arc to the side of self-awareness, the very valid Read the rest


The Rescued Red-Tailed Hawk — a Wildlife Success Story


Someone grabbed both of my ankles so that I couldn’t move. Someone wearing very thick, heavy leather gloves was holding me so that my talons couldn’t push out of the grip, so that my talons couldn’t cut away the hands. Someone was holding my legs still so that I couldn’t fly.


Well, this wasn’t going to fly (no pun intended)! How did I ever get this close to a Person? What was that uncomfortable, throbbing pain in my left toe? Why did I smell so bad? And what were those strange sounds?

“No cell phones allowed in Wildlife!” someone was Read the rest


Special Friends:  the Cat & the Pigeon

Jean-MinouI’d like you to meet Jean-Minou, a former stray who has made a special friend! His is a stray cat success story. He’s a very large, lovable Maine Coon cat who used to roam the neighborhoods until he found the perfect home to move into, with his guardian Janet. Maine Coon cats are known for their intelligence and gentle personalities, and Jean-Minou is no exception. Jean-Minou first noticed Janet’s back yard because she raises pigeons and there was a big wooden pigeon coop in the garden. Once Jean-Minou got to know Janet, she invited him to come inside, where it Read the rest


Velcro: A Handsome Tiger’s Shelter Cat Success Story

vecro-bannerJuly 2013 CATSnaps Cat of the Month.

I’d like you to meet Velcro, a former shelter cat!

Velcro is a very handsome tiger cat with a purrfectly wonderful personality. Thanks to his guardians, Teresa and Will, Velcro was adopted into a wonderful forever home just in the nick of time, when he was 3 months old. He was a teensy tiny kitten and cute as could be! Time passes quickly when a cat is having fun, and Velcro is 4 years old now! He is so happy that, back at the shelter, he was allowed to bring his special shelter Read the rest


Nemo: A Feline Teen Heart-throb’s Shelter Cat Success Story

nemo-bannerJune 2013 CATsnaps Cat of the Month.

I’d like you to meet Nemo, a former shelter cat!

Nemo is a Russian Blue domestic shorthair cat who was adopted by Marlies and Mark last summer from a local shelter when he was 9 months old.

The household already had one cat, a lovely 8-year-old domestic shorthair with the softest black fur, named Poes (pronounced “poos” — Dutch for “pussycat”).  There was a bit of an adjustment period for Poes, as Nemo is a very bouncy kitty and jumps higher than any cat I’ve ever seen!  Poes is old enough to be Read the rest